Gemma Dunn has been racing at Lake Gairdner for 5 years. With the least experience behind the wheel, she certainly caught up to her Dad and Brother quickly; reaching over 200mph on her 4th pass. 

Gemma was the first to drive the 2012 Lakester in Australia at DLRA's 2013 Speedweek after she missed out on the 2012 Bonneville trip due to having to complete year 12 at the time. 

Gemma at aged 20 became the fastest Australian Woman on the Salt Flats breaking a 10 year old record set previously by Debra Dawson in 2003*. She is one of only four female members of the 200mph club in Australia.

Gemma is also known as an Elite level Clay Target Shooter and has represented Australia internationally multiple times.

* this record is not officially recognised by the DLRA as there are no gender specific records awarded.