Kurt Dunn has been racing on the salt for 9 years. He has raced a variety of cars ranging from the Dunn Family's first car; a Holden HJ Station Wagon at 142mph, to the 2012 Lakester known as Rosie at 243mph and most recently Mike Davidson's FLATATTACK at a top speed of 230mph in 2017.

Kurt was introduced to Lake Gairdner and the DLRA at the age of 10 where he, and father Mark used to make the week long trip out together every year. 

In 2012, with Rosie on debut at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah USA, Kurt steered the car to its very first pass over 200mph at the age of 19.

Kurt is also well known for owning a piece of Australian Drift Car history: the Autosalon Industrie S15. Which he enjoys taking to drifting events across Australia.