Back-Alley photoshoot with @richiedobson produces the goods.

Earlier this year we were contacted by renowned Australian photographer Richard Dobson to organise a session with the car for a potential national newspaper article. Richard had attended Speedweek previously and had captured Gemma during one of her very first events driving the car in 2015, and wanted to catch up with us again after so many years to see what we were up to now.

As the article never came to fruition due to the global pandemic occurring and the US Presidential Election looming, however, Richard was kind enough to share some of the photos from the day.

While we usually get photos with the car on the salt, it was really enjoyable seeing the car being captured against a dark background for the first time. We were blessed with great weather and a secluded, quiet back-alley of a newly built industrial complex. Now, this location choice was very unorthodox and certainly a last-minute choice, but it worked a treat.

It was also a fantastic opportunity to get some great shots to highlight many of the wonderful sponsors we had come on board for our 2020 event which, unfortunately, had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Mayeda Motorsports came on board to ensure Gemma's personal safety was held to the highest standard by supplying Gemma a custom SFI-15 Impact Racing driver suit and DJ Safety SFI-20 driving boots and gloves. Mayeda Motorsports also helped fit Gemma with her carbon fibre helmet and NecksGen head neck restraint.

Gulf Western Oil also came on board for the event, supplying us with an entire team fit-out of their products for the event, transportation and more.

We would like to thank Richard Dobson for these amazing shots and be sure to follow him on Instagram @richiedobson

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