Kurt is TEKA's 'Most Improved' driver for 2020.

Landspeed events only come around once a year, and sometimes not even that just as this year's event got cancelled due to COVID19. So what does a motorsport addict do between Speedweeks?

Kurt generally fills his time driving his AutoSalon Industrie S15 at drifting events across NSW. Lately, though, he has begun competing in endurance go-kart racing.

It all began with him winning an "arrive and drive" for a race in 2019 in a hire cart competition alongside Dylan Anderson and Robert Brennan through Ultimate Karting Sydney.

Since then, Kurt has taken up competitive go-kart racing in the TEKA - The Endurance Karting Association's 2020 series.

This year, Kurt was awarded the 'Most Improved Driver' award by TEKA for 2020 which consisted of approx. 80 other great drivers participating in each round throughout the series. For this, Kurt says "he is deeply humbled by being chosen for this award. I have learnt a tremendous amount in just one year, but definitely have more to learn still."

Thanks to all the Maverick Misfits #49, we can't wait to see what the future holds for the Kurt and the team.

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