Updated: Aug 28, 2019

2019 Speedweek, the Dry Lakes Racers Australia's 29th anniversary event was one we were so looking forward to, as the number 29 is our family's lucky number.

On the start line at Speedweek 2019

"Well, it was bittersweet".

Highs: We had a brand new truck and camp set-up which worked amazingly. This year Gemma got back on the horse after a pretty nasty scare of sending Rosie sideways at 215 mph in 2016 and snapping the canopy off. She was the first driver to run Rosie on Methanol and handled the car well and was able to enjoy the ride again. Kurt was on the gas hard day 3 in 27mph side winds and pedaled her through with a top speed of 225mph. Mark managed to qualify for a new Australian record in fuel class (previously held by Gemma) after running 244mph, going to impound and then backing it up yesterday with a 238mph giving us a new record.

Lows: Weather was a HUGE disruption to the week with bad lightning hitting the Salt and shorting the timing equipment leaving us in the line for 27 hours from Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday started off with massive winds leading to a 2 hour shutdown of racing midday, despite this we managed to get 2 runs in eventually. Thursday meant we were off to the start line, straight from impound, 3rd in line with Mark trying to back up his record qualification.

Thursday mornings' run summed up our week perfectly; we managed to get a new record but in the process blow up the engine, clocking 234mph with the chute out, a broken Conrod, pulverized piston and a large hole in the sump.

We still managed to wheel Rosie out afterwards and get some amazing photos with Marcus Tompson which we are looking forward to sharing!

Thanks to our supporters and crew for an amazing week, without you this would all be a more challenging endeavor than it already is.

The Dunn's.

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